No Undo for Inspection fix in build #4055

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I just accidentally clicked on a 'Rationalize static field access' inspection light-bulb, and when I tried to undo the change, it popped up an 'Undo?' yes/no dialog that did nothing when I hit 'Yes'.

I was only able to undo the change via the local history.

I've seen the 'Undo?' message box on other occasions, and I can't remember it ever undoing what it was supposed to...

If necessary, I'll put it into JIRA.

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OK, thanks for the info. The problem doesn't seem to be repeatable (it works fine now), so it looks like it's the same one as already reported.

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Maybe Jetbrains could provide some kind of tracing in the EAP builds.
We will never find a reproduceable example for that bug. Maybe simply
showing the content of the undo-queue would help.

Marcus Brito schrieb:

This is a millenia-old bug that so far JetBrains hasn't been able to pin down so far. To their credit, nobody was able to consistently reproduce that, either:

And many, many others.


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