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I was changing a single line comment to a JavaDoc comment. I started by changing the second slash to two asterisks, like this:

// label-only print jobs

became this:

/** label-only print jobs
^cursor here

Then when I hit return I got this:


label-only print jobs

Which makes no sense. The behavior seems to be repeatable.

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I agree the behavior is incorrect, but not that big of a problem. If you just move your cursor to end of line first and then hit RETURN it comes out ok.

If you have the cursor (|) in a similar position on a one-line comment and hit RETURN, it does work as you expected, so the behavior with the multi-line comments looks like a bug.

// |blah

Hit return and see:

// |blah

I would just file a Jira request. But there are 100s of bugs I'd rather have fixed first imo.


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