Search Freeze

Perhaps 50% of the time when I click "Search" nothing happens. I
looked in the task manager, and there were plenty of free CPU cycles.
There does not appear to be gc activity.
I found that clicking something else, the clicking search again seems
to clear it and off it goes.  Is anyone else seeing this?

Run has a similar problem. It  mysteriously goes disabled.  Clicking
elsewhere seems to clear it.  Search does not visually disable.

Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
It's difficult to be rigorous about whether a machine really knows,
thinks, etc., because we’re hard put to define these things.
We understand human mental processes only slightly better than
a fish understands swimming.
~ John McCarthy (born: 1927-09-04 died: 2011-10-23 at age: 84).
Inventor of the term AI (Artificial Intelligence),
the short-circuit OR operator (|| in Java),
and LISP (LIst Processing Language) that makes EMACS
(Extensible MACro System) so addictive.

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Hi Roedy,

Please provide auto-generated thread dumps for the problem generation


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On Mon, 31 Oct 2011 13:30:56 MSK, Denis Zhdanov
<> wrote, quoted or indirectly quoted someone
who said :

>Hi Roedy,
>Please provide /docs/DOC-260 for the problem generation

I can't do that. It is sporadic. All you do is click search. 

If it does not happen on your machine, the key is figuring out what is
different between your setup and mine.
Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
Capitalism has spurred the competition that makes CPUs faster and
faster each year, but the focus on money makes software manufacturers
do some peculiar things like deliberately leaving bugs and deficiencies
in the software so they can soak the customers for upgrades later.
Whether software is easy to use, or never loses data, when the company
has a near monopoly, is almost irrelevant to profits, and therefore
ignored. The manufacturer focuses on cheap gimicks like dancing paper
clips to dazzle naive first-time buyers. The needs of existing
experienced users are almost irrelevant. I see software rental as the
best remedy.

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The IDE automatically makes thread dumps when EDT is busy too long. The mentioned link points to the document that describes where to find them. Have you checked are there any automatically generated thread dumps after sporadic hang?



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