Suggestions for opening search results in new tab

How do you like the following suggestions for opening search results in a new tab? (The "Open in new tab" setting in the search dialog)

1) make this setting persistent so that it keeps its previous state when you restart IntelliJ

2) make it possible to allow checking this setting in the search dialog when searching for the first time too. Now you can only enable it the second time you search (if there is already one search tab open) ==> sometimes forget it and lose previous search results

3) add a setting to limit the amount of tabs this opens. Now it just keeps adding and adding more tabs if you have this enabled, I guess having only the last 10 open or so would be enough (currently I sometimes go on a tab closing spree instead, which involves middle clicking on the leftmost search tab in rapid succession).

Note: it's handy to have this setting always enabled without needing to think too much about enabling/disabling this checkbox, because you don't always know beforehand whether or not you  need earlier search results :) Just always having the last 10 or so available would be handy, and the current way this works comes close to that, except that it requires a bit of micromanagement and babysitting now.


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