"Cannot undo. Some files were changed"

"Cannot undo. Some files were changed"

I have been getting this error alot lately;
maybe just because of the work I have been doing.

I may be modifying several files at the same
time, and then because I switch to another application,
the files get saved or if I do a compile, the files
will also get saved. Then if I decide to undo the
change in one of the files, I get the message "Cannot undo. Some files were changed."

This isn't how I thought undo worked. Based on earlier
discussions, I thought user edits were classified as either simple (edits made to a file) or complex (edits made to multiple files,e.g. by doing a rename refactoring).

In my case I am just doing simple edits on multiple files.
The edits are not tied to a refactoring, or other action.

I am expecting IDEA to be able to keep undo-ing changes per file unless it encounters a 'complex' action.

Is this a bug?

Earlier discussion:

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A related bug that I filed recently: Idea-5337 ("Cannot undo. Some files were changed" error does not identify which files).


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