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          Hi, in my company we have developers in two different countries, all of us use Intellij. We have a VPN network that connects both offices, but we haven't been able to make IDE talk work so that it discovers developers from both countries. Could anyone point me in the right direction to fix it? Should we just forget the idea of using IDE talk across countries?


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IDETalk is great and also works fine across countries.
Just don't use the crappy auto-detection of buddies but use a Jabber account like a Googletalk account or any other Jabber account. You can even set up a Jabber Server in your intranet if outbound connection is not allowed.
The auto-detection of work buddies is really crappy.
It sends out a multicast and waits for answers.
This only works in the same subnet and even there not very reliably.
I guess your countries are in different subnets in your intranet so the auto-detection will not work anyway.
But even inside the same subnet it is not very reliable as I said. I never was able to see the colleague I'm sitting face-to-face and I was sometimes able to see the colleague that is sitting beneath me. But I always see the two colleagues over in the other room.
With a Jabber account set up in IDETalk there are no such problems.


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