Developing for Jetty in Idea: a set of questions.


Gentlemen, I am trying to arrange my Idea workspace for developing web-apps with Jetty webserver. I am just starting working with Idea, so please be patient with these possibly silly questions :)

My goal is to build my web-app project using maven and then deploy and debug it on local Jetty server.

Here are some problems I have encountered:

1) There is a Jetty Idea plugin. Its ok, but when working with Tomcat plugin in Edit Run Configuration dialog I can uncheck Make and Build Artifacts checkboxes in Deployment tab, and check run Maven Goal checkbox. This helps me to build my project using Maven and not with Idea embedded builder. So I press Run button, Maven runs its goal and my project deploys in Tomcat. Cool!
Can I do the same thing in Jetty? Yes, in Deployment tab I can point to myapp.war built with Maven, but Idea artefact build will still run!

2) Probably I can solve p.1 if I can replace Idea project builder with Maven, so that Idea artefact would actually become a result of Maven build. Is it possible?

3) I know the only way to debug a web app - is to use embedded IDE debugger. So if I press debug button then embedded IDEA builder will run. But I want to build my project with Maven. Can I do something with it?

4) And the last thing I need is a fast jsp redeploy. How can I organize it? At the moment I deploy a war built by Maven using Idea Jetty Plugin. If I change some jsp I will have to run Maven Install goal to create a war and then press redeploy button in Idea. So actually I am rebuilding the whole app. Is there are some better ways?

Probably I should use Maven Jetty Plugin instead of Idea Jetty Plugin. I tried it, its good. But how can I debug with it in Idea?

Thanks for your attention!

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