SVN: Why are files automatically deleted?


When deleting files that are under CVS, I can choose whether to remove them from CVS or
not, while with SVN files are automatically scheduled for deletion. This is extremely
inconvenient if e.g. I want want to delete auto-generated files to be able to re-generate
them. Is there a technical reason why the option to ask the user about that is disabled
for SVN?



16 years later and IDEA tendency to automatically delete files from SVN is still an issue. Please, IDEA developers, stop doing so much automatically. when it goes wrong is time consuming to fix. And yes, I spend to much time fixing IDEAs auto-mistakes. Please ask me before doing repository any work. And that includes the IML files.

PS: worse of all is when IDEA first deletes a file and then recreates the file. Then you have a delete and add at the same time in Subversion. What a pain.


Hello Martin Krischik
>Please ask me before doing repository any work

You can enable it under Preferences | Version Control | Confirmation. Specifically in your case I would suggest checking "When Files are created" and "When files are deleted" sections.


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