When trying to run tests, nothing happens

When I run a very simple test, nothing happens. And I cannot run anything anymore, since run button is disabled.
Here is the test I'm trying to run:

public class MyTest
    public void testName() throws Exception
        fail("just test");

I checked the log (see attached). It contains a lot of exceptions. My guess is that the cause of the problem that I have my home directory on a network mounted drive.
Maybe my problem is related to http://devnet.jetbrains.net/message/5318768

My IDE version is 107.587

Thank you,

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In case anyone stumbles on this one:
the thing is IntelliJ IDEA doesn't support network drives and strangely enough it doesn't tell users about it - just writes errors silently to the log, which produces very strange not-working-looking behavior.
It's sad that nobody cares about making such great tool as IDEA stable and user-friendly.

Anyway, you can avoid this problem by telling IDEA to keep its files on a local drive: http://devnet.jetbrains.net/docs/DOC-181

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The same happens on GoogleDrive folders


Also if you move the folder to a non-network directory, make sure you have deleted .idea folder before opening your project in idea again.


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