File Cache Conflict when using remote filesystems

Very often, when I hit Save to saves changes I have
made, I will get the File Cache Conflict message.

IDEA is running on a Windows XP SP2 desktop.
My workspace is mounted over NFS from a remote Solaris filesystem

I thought the problem might be due to a difference
between the fileserver's clock and my desktop's clock
but my desktop's clock and the fileserver's clock are
synchronized each night and are within a few msec of
each other.

It seems the problem is somehow related to the fact
that the files are mounted on the remote NFS filesystem,
but I don't see a problem if the clocks are in sync.

In Windows Explorer, the timestamp of a file would
be like "10/14/2005 1:13 PM". But I'm wondering does
windows store greater resolution internally like

If anyone has more details on how IDEA file cache
conflict detection works, please post.

In particular, I am wondering if after saving a file,
does IDEA pull the change time directly from the file's
timestamp or does it just get the current clock time
after saving the file?

Is there any fudge factor, e.g. 1 second.


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