Problem with variable not used

Idea is reporting most of my variables as not being used. Consequently, I can't seem to get find usages to work, as well as many other useful idea features.

I've filed a report:

But has anyone else seen this?

I've cleared caches, re-installed to the latest EAP, as well as rebuilt my project.

I feel like I'm using VI again...


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An update:

I use clearcase snapshot views. I create a series of views called asnap, bsnap, csnap, etc.

I was finding that the exact same branch for csnap was showing the problems. I even wiped out the view and updated it again, refreshing all the files.

I created a new view (dsnap) that used the identical config spec, and it loaded just fine.

There is something on my system not stored in the project or the view, or the caches that is messing up IDEA.

Any ideas? Are there other secret caches? (I deleted everything in caches, compiler)...

Ahh. Okay. A quick check showed I had not deleted the caches. We now have a .IntellijIdea50.

I blew away caches from an old version. Once I blew away the caches from 50, it worked great.

So either way, I am experiencing a cache corruption problem.



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