Eclipse users moving to IDEA

I am a long time IDEA user (> 8 years), but I have a couple of questions from my co-workers who are longtime Eclipse users thinking of switching over to IDEA.

Right now, the biggest complaints are this:

  • There is no "real" Problems view
  • The compiler stops finding errors once one module has errors

We have a project with ~20 modules and the inability to see all errors across the project is really frustrating.  I can't seem to get the Problem scope to work like Eclipse's Problems view and I also can't see to find a setting to tell the compiler to continue compiling modules even after an error.

Between these problems and the poor integration with TFS, IDEA is currently a hard sell to my Eclipse co-workers, even though the refactoring and debugging are so much superior.

Any help and/or ideas will be greatly appreciated!


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