Menu items won't display properly - connecting to remote IntelliJ 10.5.2 via XServer

This situation is pretty hack but I am faced with it.

I am trying to run intellij from my local workstation via an XServer that is connecting to the remote RHEL server.

Intellij starts up just fine.  When intellij opens up it is in the middle of my dual monitor display - split between both screens with a chunk of the ide below the bottom on the visibile screen.  The menubar, the menulists and the context menus (from a rht click) all function properly.

As soon as i move the intellij window none of the menulists will stay open.  e.g. if i left click on the "File" menuitem, the menulist for "File" will flicker open and then close immediately.  When i open a context menu (e.g. right click on a module in the project view) the menulist also flickers ... but it seems to flicker in the spot it would have opened at prior to having moved intellij.

If i move intellij back to its original position (split between both displays) the menus seem to work again.

This doesn't appear to be an intellij specific issue - the same behavior exists for visualvm, jconsole etc.  It appears to be a swing/awt issue.  Eclipse works as expected - however i hate the idea of moving back to eclipse.

Any thoughts?

Local workstation:
windows XP sp3
putty w/ xming (opening up apps in separate windows)

Remote host:
jdk 1.6.0_20
intellij 10.5.2


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