How do I use the android compatibility packs with Intellij idea?

This page discribes the process for eclipse

Setting Up a Project to Use a Library

To add one of the libraries to your Android project:

  1. In your Android project, create a directory named
    at the root of your project (next to
    , etc.)
  2. Locate the JAR file for the library you want to use and copy it into the

    For example, the library that supports API level 4 and up is located at


  • Add the JAR to your project build path.

    In Eclipse, right-click the JAR file in the Package Explorer, select Build Path > Add to Build Path. You should then see the JAR file appear in a new directory called Referenced Libraries.

  • How do I use these in jIdea? thanks

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    I'm still new at Android and IntelliJ, but try this:

    Go to the Project Structure dialog

    There select SDKs

    In the column where the various SDKs appear, select your Android SDK.

    On the right where it shows that path to your android SDK, select the Classpath tab

    On the far right, click the "Add ..." button and navigate to the .jar file that you want to add.

    I think that should work.

    This is the way that I added the google maps.jar to my project.


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