Intellij 9 FTP - Can't Connect to Host Server

I added Host, specified local file paths, but when I try to connect to Remote Host, nothing happens:

Intellij continues to try to connect, stays that way for a long time, but does not ever return an error.

I uploaded some screenshots. Perhaps someone can tell me by looking at them whether I am doing something obviously wrong?

I use the same credentials to log in to the server with Filezilla, and it works -- so it is not a problem with the Host server.

Please answer the following questions:

1. Are there any guidelines, restrictions or rules as to what format to enter Remote Host that is not obvious? For example always include "ftp:" before the host name

2. I am using the default FTP port 21. Is that the right port to use?

3. Is there anything that should be additionally set up on the host server in order to accept IntelliJ connection?

Here are the screenshots. Again. . .  the connection doesn't throw any errors, it just keeps connecting until I shut down IntelliJ.

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Hi Grigory,

Can you try passive mode? (it's under Advanced options).



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