Maven profiles and filtered resources in IntelliJ 9

I have a properties file whose contents are filtered based on properties defined in a series of Maven profiles.  The properties define database connection information (driver, username, etc).  It is used to run JUnit tests.  IntelliJ+Maven is working great so long as I run the tests with the default profile.  However as soon as I try to use one of the other profiles I have problems.  The issue is that it does not use the properly filtered property file.

In fact, I switched the profile in the Maven tool window and ran the "process-test-resources" phase (again via the Maven tool window).  I verified that the properties file was filtered correctly and moved to the target directory.  However as soon as I try to run the test something regenerates that resource filtering back in the default profile values.  Quite frustrating.

What do I need to do in order to run tests in IntelliJ under a different Maven profile?  Is that even possible in IntelliJ?

BTW, here is the resource file:
and here is the pom containing the profiles:

It is the h2 profile with which I am trying to run.

And yes it works fine from both command line and hudson which are the other 2 environments I utilize.

Any thoughts?


Old question, but for anyone running across this it from google (I ended up here after having the same issue):

Open the maven projects window and deselect all but the test specific profile. The unit tests will then run under that one.


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