Getting WTK22 to work with Iridia #3144 on OSX

I'll do better than that. I'll post a HOW TO that allows OSX developers to get things working.

1) You will need a Windows, Linux box since Sun is stupid enough to pack the J2ME WTK in an executable. Once you can extract that install you'll have a directory like c:/WTK22

2) Copy this to your Mac "AS-IS". I put mine in /javalibs/WTK22

3) IntelliJ won't treat the mpowerplayer developer directory as a WTK so when you're in the JDK/Libraries thing creating a new mobile SDK, choose this WTK22 directory that you copied from your Windows/Linux box.

4) The only thing that isn't crossplatform (cleanly) is the preverify application. You can get the latest in mpowerplayer Copy the preverify executable to the same place in the WTk22 directory as the windows and linux executables so you'll know IntelliJ will launch the right thing.

5) Go to the command prompt and actually try to run preverify as it depends on some open source libraries that may (but most likely aren't) be installed on your machine. The one my machine was missing is libpool. You can use to install any libraries that preverify says is missing. Once its running and giving you options - preverify works and you can move on. Don't depend on Iridia to tell you that preverify didn't work - because for some reason the J2ME build process doesn't output any messages (and closes the messages window when it closes so even if there were some you wouldn't see them)

6) There were two application properties which Iridia didn't include when building my jad file: MicroEdition-Configuration and MicroEdition-Profile. These should be added as option settings under the Mobile module settings.

7) Iridia doesn't have a clean mechanism for putting in midlets in the run/debug console so don't forget in the mobile module settings to add something or else you'll get an error when it tries to run the midlet as there won't be a midlet defined.

After you do this your application will build and you'll get a .jar and .jar file that work fine on the Windows WTK22. There may be some issues that prevent mpowerplayer from working as it will complain about various properties being missing when in reality they aren't. These may be fixed in a later mpowerplayer release (hopefully).

You now have the ability to build MIDP applications right from IRIDIA #3144.

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how about adding this to the Wiki? I guess it'll get lost here in the forums soon otherwise.


Dirk Dittert

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In step 4) you mention the preverify application - this seems to have been removed in the latest version of mpowerplayer. I found the old version in the but this doesn't work for midp 2.0 verification. Can you post or somehow distribute the perverify app?

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I cannot distribute it for them. I would recommend contacting the authors because you will need the preverify that is supposed to be in the bundle.

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Did you setup the mpower player as the emulator, and if so how did you do that?


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Did anyone figure out the emulator setup? I keep getting "emulator not found" in IntelliJ 5.0.1. Did you end up placing the mpower player in the /bin directory? Any help appreciated.


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