Choosing between two source jars when debugging

I'm debugging an OSGi app that has two implementations of jaxb-api: my 1.6 JRE has v2.0 built-in, and I have v2.2 loaded as a bundle. When I breakpoint and step into JAXBContext, the debugger shows the v2.0 version from the JRE in my editor pane. But the JVM is actually executing the v2.2 version in the separate jar (confirmed via watch variables, checking the classloader). The source lines do not match up because of changes to the code, so it's extremely difficult to step through the code -- I have to set a lot of breakpoints in the real version and keep switching between editor tabs.

Is there a way to tell IDEA to show me the source from my v2.2 jar instead of the JRE source when debugging? Can a future version of IDEA automatically figure this out?

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I had the same problem and created an bug issue in YouTrack one year ago. Unfortunately, it is not fixed yet. Please vote:


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