Flex Library Project (SWC), defaults.css and design.xml


we have a flex library project that has a design.xml and a manifest.xml, we currently specify this in the additional compiler options

-include-stylesheet defaults.css ${MODULE_DIR}/defaults.css -defaults-css-url ${MODULE_DIR}/defaults.css -include-file design.xml ${MODULE_DIR}/src/design.xml

Is there any way to specifying these settings without adding them as additional compiler arguments


Conrad Winchester

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Currently there's no such settings in UI. So you have to either use Additional compiler options or custom compiler config file. We are working on improvements of Flex project setup and this usability issue is on the roadmap.

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That's good to know

However please be aware that this causes an issue with running unit tests in the SWC project described above. If I try to run unit tests (for the classes in the swc)  with the extra command line arguments then I get the following error

unknown configuration variable 'include-stylesheet'

Which means that I have to remove the additional command line options whilst writing tests and then put them back when I am building the SWC. This gets annoying :-(


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Sure, thank you for the use case.


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