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In an attempt to reduce the memory footprint of the idea project, I tried the following:

I have modC depends on modB depends on modA. modA is almost never modified, so instead of loading the source code for modA, I decided to use modA.jar, attached the source as modA, removed modA from the project definition, added modA.jar in the classpath for modB.

I am running into 2 issues:
1. modC does not see the dependency on modA.jar anymore. I have to explicitly add modA.jar to modC to resolve the red marks. I was thinking since modC depends on modB and modB has modA.jar in it's classpath, modC will see it automatically.
2. Does this even make any practical sense to do since all I am concerned about is reducing the mem footprint and improving the overall performance including the indexing and scanning.


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You have to export modA.jar in the modB settings. In the settings for a module, there's a "Order/Export" tab. It will list all the libs that module uses. You must check those libs that should be visible to dependent modules.

Don't know how it effects memory footprint.


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