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Hello everyone.. I've been using IDEA for a while now.. but one thing has gotten a little annoyed, and was wondering if it's just something I'm doing in my work flow or whatnot that can fix this..

Now.. when I create a "new" blank project for say a PHP Project I have .. I create a empty JavaModule with no src directory.. the Project Tree looks like the lovely:

But when I import from a GIT repository.. First it asks me "Create a Project from Cloned source".. so I figured, yeah sure.. so when it creates the project, however, it is pretty unuseable as it shows no folders and the layout is not what I'd expect it to be..

Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong?
Any help would be awesome..

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Hi David,

Do you use Version Control -> Checkout from Version Control -> Git to clone the repository?

After you clone a Git repository, PHPStorm asks you whether you want to create a project for the cloned sources. The project creation wizard in that case should be identical to the wizard you use when you select Create Project, isn't it?

Have you tried cloning sources, and then creating the project from existing sources "by hands" (i.e. not immediately after cloning, but manually selecting Create Project from the menu)?


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