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Hi guys,
I am trying to set a project on Intellij IDEA and see that in opposite to my eclipse-turned colleagues I can only observe one-line log strings during GWT compilation.
Smth like "Compiling permutation 0" or "Copying files..."

At the same time in Eclipse there is a total compilation time printed at the end and some warnings shown which I can't see in Idea.
Is it possible to substitute that small window with short compilation info to a full-size bottom tab with detailed info ?
Or maybe at least there is a log file on the file system somewhere?


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currently the only way to see full GWT compiler output is the following: replace IDEA_HOME/bin/log.xml file by the attached one before starting IDEA, invoke GWT compilation and then open idea.log file (you can use Help | 'Reveal Log' action to navigate to it in the file browser).
There is a feature request to add option to see the log in IDEA (


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