Poll: redundant error highlighting for method calls with erroneous argument (IDEA-1548)

There's a behavior of IDEA which I didn't like at all for the whole Irida EAP,
involving error highlighting of method calls. It annoys me every time I see it,
and I see it many times per day.

The issue is that an entire method call is highlighted in red as "(...) cannot
be applied to x(...)", when one of the arguments is missing, or contains a
reference to an unresolved variable or method. The issue is shown in the
attached screenshot. When I try to click into the missing argument spot, I am
bombed with a barrage of tooltips. Also, instead of highlighting the part of the
method call which is wrong, the entire method call is highlighted, so it's hard
to find the problem, especially in medium-to-long method calls.

If this behavior bothers you too, you should comment or vote on

Picture 2.png

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