Resolving Struts properties

I've looked through the forum and help and seen some references to this, but I can't find anything explicit.

I have a Struts application which, as is standard, stores its properties in These properties are accessed throughout the JSP files. For example:

<bean:message key="errors.header"/>

The key values (in this case, errors.header) is being highlighted red as an error. The only reference I can find in the help is in "Property File Editing," which says:

You need to use the following code:
public class XXX {
void f(){
String newpropvalue = PropertyResourceBundle.getBundle("myBundle").getString("newprop");

Of course, in Struts, I never explicitly load the properties file. How can I get rid of the sea of red ink in my JSP files? Is there a way to make IJ understand where the properties are supposed to be coming from?

This is on W2K SP4 with Irida build 3429.



I was wondering about this, too - this feature wouldn't make much sense otherwise, given the good support for JAVA code including quickfixes for creating new keys etc.

You can get rid of the red property keys by setting Hector's JSP-slider to "None" - ofcourse this will disable all other inspections as well :(


Looks like it may be fixed at least for JSTL last days before release please try latest version


Indeed, it works (checked quickly with <fmt:message>).

Is the list of supported tags hardcoded somewhere? It would be great, if the user could define Tag-classes (e.g. own tags) and corresponding attributes for which to enable property key support.


Even more, after all to use specified tags during web application i18n-ing


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