AS Files Become Uneditable after Adding as SWC Sources

Ref to,

     - open File | Project Structure | Modules | <your module> | Dependencies tab
     - click Add, select New Library (of any level: module, project of global)
     - give any name to your library, click 'Attach classes' and select requred SWCs, click 'Attach sources' and select 'sym_src'

Now files (.as) in sym_src are uneditable at all. I'm using IntelliJ 10.5.
(in 10.5, they are 'Add SWC Files' and 'Add SWC Sources').

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This is intended behavior. It prevents situation when you navigated to library source code and modified it thinking it is your own source code. I'm sure nobody needs 3rd party SWC not in sync with 3rd party sources. If it is your own sources and SWC then you shouldn't configure it as a library in IDEA, make a separate module producing SWC instead.


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