How to exclude large files from scanning?


I have a large XML file (54 MByte) that I would like to exclude from IntelliJ's scanning, as I always get a message "File is too large and cannot be scanned".
Marking the files as plain text did not work.

Anyone got an Idea how to get IntelliJ to ignore this file?

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Answering directly - this file isn't scanned as it exceeds filesize treshold. You can also exclude it from the project at all.

best regards.

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Thank you for the answer - seems like I did pose the wrong question:

I would like to get rid of the warning message ("File to large") without excluding the file from the project completely. It belongs to the project and having it hidden by excluding the whole folder is not a solution for me.

Is there a way to turn off the size-warning?

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You can increase threshold to an appropriate value, but disable all the inspection on big files at first.

best regards, Alex


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