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With the way our environment is set up, a different user than the developer sets up IDEA, and users are in a restricted account. Also, users have roaming profiles that they use to move between machines often, so we want to take settings around with us.

Because of that, it is impractical/impossible to migrate settings using the dialog in the installer or later when the user has no settings. It is silly to leave IDEA 4.5 around just to select for the migration dialog (I'm pretty sure all it does is find out where .IntelliJ directory is).

My team will be migrating to 5.0 when it comes out, so I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to migrate a large group of people easily.

What I am asking, then, is if it is safe to simply rename the .IntelliJ to .IntelliJ50 in the user profiles. I tried the migration myself and it seems all it does is copy the files, minus the plugins (presumably because of compatiblity).

Right now the only issue I see is an issue with plugins. I can be assured that the plugins are compatible with Irdia, and if not I can handle such an issue. I've tried to copy the directory myself and such a migration seems to work fine, so far, but the reason why I am posting is to ask "is this actually safe despite how it appears?" and "are there any gotchas besides the plugin issues?"

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All of your assumptions are absolutely correct. Indeed, migration does nothing
but copies files from whatever config directory 4.5 was using to .IntelliJIDEA50
except for plugins of possible incompatibilities. Actually, the probablility
plugins will appear incompatible is very high so taking fresh versions from
plugin repository (if available) is highly recommended.

BTW, copying or any else migration process can be avoided by editing %INSTALLATION_HOME%\bin\
file to point to original .IntelliJIDEA folder instead of default .IntelliJIDEA50.

Please note it is not recommended to run 4.5 over 5.0's configs since it
will most probably wipe out some newly introduced settings.


Maxim Shafirov
"Develop with pleasure!"


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