Auto include field annotations when auto generating setter/getter

Before I open a feature request on this, I wanted to ask if such functionality existed, but I am not finding where to configure it.

The auto setter and getter generation will automatically add the the IntelliJ @NotNull and @Nullable annotations to the getter and setter when auto-creating them. I'd like to see this also auto add javax.validation.constraints.* and org.hibernate.validator.constraints annotations. Ideally, it should include any annotations where the annotation interface itself is annotated with the @Constraint annotation. We use some custom constraint annotations and validators.

Alternatively, a place to configure what field annotations are auto included when auto creating setters and getters would be useful so that non-validation constraints can be included.

Does such functionality already exist?

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Mark, these functionality does not exist. But the it was discussed a number of times already. So may be the request would help to bring a new feature :)
Thank you

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Thanks Anna! I have submitted a feature request:


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