How can I add (and manage) directories at project root to CVS


I'm using IDEA 10.5 with the SVN integration.

I've have all my projects libs in a directory named lib in the project directory root. I would like to add some of the files in the lib directory to subversion. However, I never found the way to display directories and its content) at the project's root in the "Project" panel (for files it is ok).

Am I missing something in the settings (like filters or something like that) ?


Irina Chernushina
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Hello Jonathan,


1) Map this directory to SVN (Settings -> Version Control, and here, I think you have <Project Root> -> Subversion now. I suppose you can specify exact directory which is under Subversion here. It is not the same as <Project Root>)

2) I think libraries should be in "External libraries" folder in Project view,

or you can also
go to Changes tool window, to "Local" tab. Go to Unversioned files, and add from there (through context menu)

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I found the solution with the help of support. That said, I think your answer will help other people experiencing the same problem.


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