How to deploy to (and debug) a running Glassfish instance?

Until now I have always startet up Glassfish from IntelliJ when developing and debugging applications. But today I thought that there must be some way of doing it against an already running instance. Any pointers as to how I set this up?



You should use Glassfish Remote run configuration. If "localhost" (default setting) is specified as "host" then you will connect to the locally running instance.

For deployment, it is possible to use to
- either built-in to Glassfish artifacts uploading feature - in this case you should keep "Upload with Glassfish" checked,
- or upload artifacts being deployed with remote staging feature, provided by IDEA -

In the latter case you should uncheck "Upload with Glassfish" and configure "Remote staging" group:
- choose ftp or mounted folder to upload to and
- enter path on remote machine to the folder where staging is performed
- (in case of local machine, you may select root of the drive where staging is performed as mounted folder)



Just wanted to chime in and say that it worked quite nicely. Thanks!


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