Spring MVC3 and Intellij


Looking at the feature list shown on http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/features/spring_framework.html ,  it advertises "Smart code completion and resolution is provided for Spring MVC controller URLs." and "Code completion also recognizes MVC model attributes".
However when I try the spring mvc3 showcase (https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-mvc-showcase), there's no auto completion whatsoever within the JSPs.
I built the project by simply opening the pom.xml of the showcase. Everything runs fine but there's no indication IDEA detected Spring MVC.
As far as I can tell IDEA appears to be completed unaware of the Spring MVC code.

If I click add Spring facet, I get the following :


I still do not get any autocompletion within the JSPs or any kind of indication that IDEA is aware of my Spring MVC code?

Does IDEA support Spring MVC 3? I'm using 10.0.3 Ultimate Edition.


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Where do you expect the autocompletion you meant?
e.g. type <a href=" in your JSP and you will see list of MVC controllers


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