code completition doesn't work in "evaluate expression" and "evaluate code fragment"

i've got a problem:
as the title says, the code completition is broken. since a few weeks (maybe month) but it's just me at home. i've got another installation on my office, the same eap-builds, it works fine there.
the smart completiton says "no suggestions", the classname completition works, no matter where in the code i am, and the basic completition does nothing.
no exception is thrown (or it's swallowed)

any suggestions how i can fix this ?

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since there is no edit-button:

the same problem goes for the code completition in:
+ the custom debugger view-textfields
+ almost every other textfield with code completition i can think of.

is there a known bugged plugin or something like this ?

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i tried disabling all plugins. it worked. one of my ~60 is a bad one...


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