"New..." pop-up menu on project explorer

The "New..." submenu on pop-up menus in the project explorer is obviously very handy as is.

Perhaps it could be further improved:

  • if you pop-up the menu over an interface or an abstract class, have an option "New > Implementation".

  • over any non-final class, have an option "Create subclass".

In both cases, that'd show a dialog allowing a choice of constructor, a list of methods to implement, space for the class name, choice of the package (same package by default), options for final/abstract, etc. It would also be accessible to plug-ins, so that a plug-in could for example add an entry in a deployment descriptor for the new item.

I agree that this approach is a bit heavy for a new basic class, and I like the "code by hand" approach at present. Nevertheless, in the use cases I cited, I often find that you create the class, then choose what to override/implement, and so on, so in this particular case, it might be quite useful.

Please don't implement it as a wizard though...

Is it relevant for anyone else? Should I post an RFE?

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