Maven command line options?

I've been using Maven 3 for development work lately. I have a nice multi-core machine, and I'd like to use the new Maven 3 parallel build support.

I can't seem to find a way to modify the maven command line using the current IntelliJ Maven plugin. Is there one? I just want to add the threading option to maven (-T 1.5c).

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It is in Settings->Maven->Runner->VM Options

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Those are great if you're using VM parameters, however, the -T option is a maven command-line parameter.

When I run a maven 3 build using the intellij plugin, it executes maven with the following options:

--no-plugin-registry --errors --fail-fast --no-plugin-updates --lax-checksums --update-snapshots

I would like to modify these options, however they seem to be buried in the maven plugin jar.

Additionally, Maven 3 complains about the current command line options with the following warnings:

[WARNING] Command line option -npu is deprecated and will be removed in future Maven versions.
[WARNING] Command line option -npr is deprecated and will be removed in future Maven versions.

Should I be filing a bug against the Maven plugin at this point?

It seems the options I'm after are contained in the MavenExternalParameters class in the Maven.jar contained in the Maven plugin.

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I have created a defect to track this problem :

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I just stumbled on top of this now and would like to be able to use a similar feature.

At the moment I am working on a large project that takes several minutes to complete. Running on the command line more than halves the build time. It would be great if I could do this via the IDE and turn it off/on on demand.



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