View previous JUnit Runs

Is there a way to view previous JUnit test runs in IDEA, like there is in Eclipse?

If not, is there a way to force a JUnit test run to open in a new tab?


To view previous test results, you need to "save" the results prior to running the tests again. There are two ways you could do this.

Option 1)
1. Run first set of tests
2. In the resultant run (or debug) window, pin the tab by clicking the Pin icon (on the left side set of icons below the "layout Configuration" button). If you do this often, you may want to map a keyboard shortcut to the action (Settings | Keymap).
3. Run the next set of tests (or rerun the first set). The result will open in a new tab in the run (or debug) window. Note that using the rerun action (the double arrow at the top left, or ctrl+F5) will rerun the tests in the same tab, pinned or not. It will NOT run in a new tab. To run in a new tab, you need to use the standard Run command (Shift+F10).

You can close unwanted pinned tabs by clicking on the tab with the middle mouse button, using ctrl+alt+F4 while the tab has focus, right-clicking on the tab title and selecting close, or clicking the red close icon. Or you can toggle off the pin icon so the tab is reused the next time you run a test.

Option 2)
Another option is to export the test results after running them.  Use the export test icon to do such.



That worked great, thank you!


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