Can`t view Table in the Data Source window.

Dear friends, need help.
i created in hsqldb table. And all so working fine in SQL console, but if i selected table in Data Source window and will pressed button open table editor i have error:
[2011-07-06 13:46:38] [22019][-226] Three part identifiers prohibited in statement [select "PUBLIC"."QUOTE".]

wtf? sql script not correct? May be i can, sometime edit or setup script request?

p.s. sorry i don`t know english.So I write in Russian.

Снимок экрана 2011-07-06 в 14.10.51.png
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This problem does not occur with my HSQLDB 2.0.0. I've googled a bit and found some statements that catalog names wasn't just supported in early versions (see e.g.

What HSQLDB version do you have?


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My version HSQLDB is "hsqldb-" in component grails.
I understood in what problem I will try to translate version back in IDEA.

I select in DataSource old library,some as grails, but dialect no change. realy i need path itself?


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