Jar Artifact fails with SQLJDBC

Dear Friend,
I have an application and created artifact as mentioned in
it is ok and created a single rurrable jar file.
But when I Add sqljdbc.jar lib (like other libs that added), created single jar not working!!!
what should I do?
I downloaded sqljdbc ver2.0 and tried it also, no effect , dosn't work
My app is running in IDEA well

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Hi Moh,

Am I right understanding that your question is not IntelliJ IDEA-specific? I.e. do you able to assemble the jar manually (without IDE help) and have it working?


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I have the same problem. If I compile the same project with eclipse everything is fine. Only in IntelliJ I get problems. After creating the .jar with IntelliJ and deleting the .RSA and .SF files in the MANIFEST folder in the .jar it works. But I want to do it in one step, while building the artifact. What can I do?

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Hi everybody, any solution for the above problem with sqljdbc jar file? or at least delete automatically!!!

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Here is the complete solution regarding this library: 


Also, please check this answer on how to add an external library to jar file in IntelliJ IDEA: 



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