Remote Debugging trouble

EAP 3401, 3405

I'm having problems remote debugging an application:
some code shows as having no debug info, although all
modules are compiled (using ant) with full debugging
info enabled. As a result, stepping into methods in
those classes ends up in a called method on classes
for which IDEA does have info about (for example,
when logging some text in one of these methods, the
debugger will step into the methods of the String class
as they are being called by concatenation operations)

Since this is a remote debug session, there's no way to
specify class path or JDK, but the classes that are
exhibiting this behaviour are in jars that belong in
separate modules in the project, if this makes sense.
I do not seem to have this trouble with 3rd party jars
when I have the source for them.

This has started happening only recently (can't point to
the precise EAP build and unfortunately I do not have
the old EAPs around anymore)

Anyone seeing this kind of behaviour? Anyone has any suggestions
or ideas as to what might be wrong or how I should be
tackling this?



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My bad - the ant file for those classes had a debuglevel
attribute specified for the javac task, which was
incompatible with the JDK compiler (was placed there
when we were using jikes) and it seems that the compiler
simply set the debugging to off.

Embarrassed ;)



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