Perforce 'Open for Edit' question

Hi, all.

I wanted to check here before creating a log. Is there a way in Irida, when
using Perforce, to automatically have items that you change get opened for
edit? I still keep forgetting to do that when working with one file. And,
when refactoring which could change many files, it sure would be great if
they could all be automatically added to the change list! After all, the
'add' and 'delete' file automatically updates the changelist

(Note - we're set up with the 'allwrite' option set, so that all files in
the client workspace are writable...)



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Huh, we do support that but only for read-only files. We're taking off read-only
modifiers transparently so it may worth considering to trade-off 'allwrite'
option in favor to proper integration in IDEA.

Maxim Shafirov
"Develop with pleasure!"


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