mercurial and file changes

Hello all,

I have recently installed Mercurial and set up a project with it. I am now trying to use IntelliJ integration with it. I have tried IntelliJ 10.5 and 10.5.1.

When I make changes to a file, the color of the file is correctly changed in the project tab on the left to indicate change from remote version. But when I save those changes (e.g., press the disk button on the top left corner) this coloring of the changed file disappears.

When after this I do in IntelliJ right click on project root->Mercurial->Commit directory, it says nothing has been changed. TortoiseHg correctly identifies the changes if I do the same there.

The same happens if I add a new file by copy pasting it into the source directory inside IntelliJ. It asks me if I wish to add also to Mercurial. Choosing "yes" has no impact, I have to use tortoise to re-add it. Same for push, etc.

I have verified that the path to the "hg.exe" file is correct in project settings.

It seems that my Mercurial integration in IntelliJ is completely broken. Any ideas how to fix it?


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