Generating IDEA files using RAKE


I have seen the following plugin which generates IDEA files (and I presume a project) using Maven.  

I use Ruby and RAKE in my workflow and currently I have a convolted process to generate the project by opening intellij and creating a new project, using rake (via command line ruby gem generate my project files and rake file etc) and then finally have to re-open the project from shell so that I am using the correct version of ruby (as I am using rvm).  

All this seems too many steps and ideally I would like to (from shell) generate my project using the ruby gem which is configured to also generate all the required IDEA files for a project and then opens idea from command-line (as configured using the command-line launcher)?

So, without having to read through the whole maven plugin process is there a guide or some docs on generating IDEA files specfifying what needs to be generated and testing this process?



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