IDEA chokes on classes with large commented sections

IDEA EAP builds 3394, 3401

I have a java file, around 700 lines long, out of which
around 400 lines are commented (using line comments if
it makes any difference), and hitting the Enter key
anywhere is painfully slow - around 10 seconds before
the cursor is blinking again and the CPU is pegged at
almost 100% for the duration.

The commmented lines contain invalid code (unresovable references to classes, etc) and it seems that IDEA spends
time trying to validate/invalidate them - when I remove
these lines from the file, I have no such performance
problem; place them back the performance deteriorates

Anyone else is seeing this? I know there were several
threads in the past regarding performance with large
classes, but I cannot recall a similar issue raised.

Should I log it in JIRA?



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