New "Build Jars" feature problems

I finally got around to trying Build Jars. I am not happy about my
experience with it. I checked the module I wanted to export, and clicked
OK. IDEA never asked me for a main class, and it created an empty jar
file with only a manifest.

I think, to be useful to most people (especially inexperienced users),
this dialog needs to be simplified and it should also be given a main
class field.

I suggest the following UI:


Create JAR file for module: [Module dropdown box

Main class: [ [...]
{maybe only enabled for Java modules}

Include dependent module classes
{greyed out if there are none}
Include dependent library classes as [jars | classes
{greyed out if there are none}

> Details...

{here we show the current "Module Jar Settings" panel, if the user
clicks the little > arrow}


When I click "Create JAR," I am shown a file chooser dialog.

What do you guys think about this suggestion? I think the current UI has
a lot of problems and I predict that most users will give up and use
WinZip to create their jar files after their first try at IDEA's. Does
anyone else have other ideas to improve the UI?

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