How do I get this line to not wrap in jsp?

I keep playing with project style for html, and it seems a lot of those
settings do nothing.

I have:

${status.value} When I reformat code on the jsp page I end up with: ${status.value}]]>

1- YUK
2- If this happens it also starts inserting spaces in the text area, I
don't want that.

There seems to be no option to keep a tag on one line regardless of line
length. Also the html code formatting settings seem very odd like
what's: Or if tag is more than (100). OR? Oring with what? not
indenting children of or tag size is more than 100?

What's text elements specifically? I see a, b... but what about strong,
p etc...

Sorry for what seems to need to be a simple screen, it sure looks
confusing... in the end all I want is to prevent my text area to not
wrap... how do I do that?


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