Perforce Blocks UI Thread


I love the new perforce integration with IntelliJ. The one problem I've
experienced is that the UI often hangs when the requests to perforce are
slow. It seems these requests happen whenever I change the file I am
viewing. This sometimes causes a dialog to come up that asks me if I want to
wait longer and sometimes it doesn't take quite that long but still hangs
the UI. This really slows down my productivity.

It would be great if IntelliJ could perform these requests asynchronously
and not block the UI operation to just switch from one file to another.
IntelliJ is usually really good about performing operations on background
threads and not blocking the UI but this is one place where it's falling
short. Perhaps the network and perforce servers IntelliJ is testing against
are really fast but things change significantly when using it against a slow
server that a couple thousand other developers are sharing. I hope you can
fix this.

I am using build 3386.



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