Changing font size in a code editor pane

I was just editing some Scala code, and pressed some combination of keys and possibly the trackpad, and the font size in my current (but not other) code editing pane increased. Nice feature, but I have no idea how I did it, and no idea how to turn it back down. This isn't the feature where you use the mousewheel to do this, as I'm on a laptop--no mouse, no mousewheel :-). Could someone please enlighten me?


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Hi Kenneth,

It is definitely your trackpad -- it can emulate mousewheel scrolling (depends on model -- can be far right side on the trackpad only, can be bigger/whole area like on Mac). The "magic" combination is Ctrl+Mousewheel (on Mac it is Cmd, but I'm unsure).

File | Settings | Editor | Enable "Ctrl+MouseWheel changes font side" -- disable if you do not like it.


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