Intellij 10.5 post GWT module creation/compilation

Hello there...

I've imported a project, which uses Vaadin. In this project, the cache files were already available. This project was made as a raw Java project containing the vaadin jar file and so on. This works without any issues.
While trying to create my own Vaadin project I stumbeld upon many issues. I had to create a GWT module in order to compile with GWT. The solution was to only create an "entry-point" in the gwt.xml file.

But while compiling, IntelliJ seems not to find that corresponded file and I always recieve an "Unable to find type '....'" error.
After reading through some google docs, it says that I have to point the source folders in "Java Path". I guessed that this was the "Source" tab in the Module Settings. I have three folders there which indicates those folders as source folders. But still I can't get any success on compiling. To assuere that the "entry-point" is correct, I can CTRL-click on that path and it brings me to the corresponded file.

Is it required to have the method called "onModuleLoad()" in that class?

Is there anything, that I might forgot, since this is the only error that I recieve? Or do someone suggest another method to compile the code and get the cached js files?

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ANT build script


I have to move the widgetsets manually to the right location (from [out] folder to [WebContent] which copies the cached files to the artifact), but at least they are being compilated now.

Suggestions are still welcome.


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