Static Imports not working very well

It seems the usability of static imports leaves to be desired.

1. I can't put in import static MyClass.*   Ij doesn't want to help out by providing the list of candidate classes here. Why?

2. Even after putting in the static import manually the imports do not show up in intellisense

import static com.mycompany.dbreporting.prism.pipeline.scanner.ScannerModule.ScannerFlags.*;

    logger.debug("wdir is " + FLAG_WORKING_DIR); //   Autocompletion does NOT WORK .  I have to type the WHOLE THING before IJ parser is happy.  That is not good!

Any ideas if this were just a basic limitation / (bugs..) in IJ  or if there were some way to get it to "wake up" and help out here a bit?

this is 9.0.4

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