Hide ".idea" folder from the Project Explorer view


I apologize if the this an overly basic question, but I was unable to find the answer by googling for "hide idea project folder" and such, maybe I'm using wrong keywords.

I have created a Java project from existing sources and all went well (Idea created an .idea folder in the directory I indicated). However, I now see "idea" as a folder in the project explorer. Is it possible to somehow exclude it from the view?

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Under IDE settings, File Types, you can add the it to ignore section.

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Hi Yury,

In Project tool window, select directory, right click and choose "Mark Directory As" --> "Excluded"

Alternatively: http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/webhelp/configuring-folders-within-a-content-root.html

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Hi folks!

Thank you very much for your answers. I think I now understand what went wrong so that I was unable to find this obvious "Mark Directory As" --> "Excluded" menu.

I created my IDEA project from existing source code and selected the folder with the source code as a top level project folder. Somehow this way I was never able to find this menu. Now I think this is not how it is supposed to work with IDEA, because when I re-created the project with the source code in a subfolder ("src") of the project folder, I was indeed able to see this menu and successfully excluded the ".idea" folder.


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Marking directories as excluded doesn't work. That was the obvious thing to try, moreover, 'out' is already marked as excluded, yet shows up.

Adding 'out' and '.idea' to the ignore section worked.

It's not under 'IDE settings' but 'Editor' nowadays.

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>Adding 'out' and '.idea' to the ignore section worked.

Please note that this setting affects ALL projects


>Marking directories as excluded doesn't work.

It works. Just by default Project View panel is configured to still show excluded folders (as they can still participate in other activities (e.g. Deployment) .. or you still may wish to open them for examination (e.g. log files; cached templates; compiled templates etc.))

Just configure Project View panel accordingly (using "gear" icon or by right clicking on tool window caption/title bar):


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Also ... for .idea -- there is dedicated registry setting for it as well (it is enabled by default for me, in PhpStorm at very least)

  • "Help | Find Action..." and look for "registry" (or via "Maintenance" -- Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/ on Windows using Default keymap)
  • Once inside -- look for "projectView.hide.dot.idea" entry
  • Adjust accordingly (before leaving window -- ensure that new value is accepted properly -- e.g. focus another entry)

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