3386 JSP and Javascript Parsing

Now that 3386 has fixed the 100% cpu system thrashing bug
when loading JSP files, I have been checking out how IDEA
parses my project's JSP and javascript files.

Following are biggest issues I found:

(1) IDEA doesn't resolve variables defined in included JSP files.

Most of the incorrect errors IDEA is flagging in my JSP
files are because all our JSPs include another
"GlobalCode.jsp" which defines some variables like

User user;
String login;
URLState uState;

These variables are referenced in the main JSP pages. IDEA
doesn't resolve them from the included "Global.jsp" and
flags them as "unresolved symbols". (See attached pic).

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(2) IDEA is flagging unhandled exceptions as errors even though
errorPage is defined.

Exception is reported unhandled in JSP

Exceptions reported as unhandled in JSP

(3) Javascript issues

JSP's are incorrectly parsed inside javascript


I also work with JSP and try to separate common code in differents files.

I quite agree with the first point you've described.

In fact, I'm wondering if this issue could be solved.


Three JSP files in my project failed to parse. IDEA throws Exception when loading these files into the editor.

I attached the JSP files to the Jira Bug.



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